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How Real Estate SaaS Cures Investor Headaches

Some days, you love being a landlord.

On other days, it feels like a stinging thorn in the gluteus maximus. Especially if you’re commandeering more than one investment property. Anything can happen.

Oh, and it does.

You could be in the middle of a (what should’ve been) relaxing family road trip, but then… Then. you get pinged with what feels like a gazillion phone calls, texts, and angry voicemails.

About all sorts of migraine-inducing problems.

Tenants fighting, people late on rent, a baseball shattered the living room window - you know how it goes.

And now? You scramble on the road, taking mental notes of every single report of property chaos, as your screaming child kicks the back of the driver’s seat.

That’s when the amygdala fires off an adrenaline surge, and you’re suddenly drowning in the crippling wave of overwhelm.

Or you take the red pill.

Save yourself the headaches, and dive into the deep waters of SaaS - Software as a Service.

Feel free to call it sass. Or sassy. Whatever mnemonic services you.


What is SAAS and how can it help you as an investor?

Fantastic question I just posed for you.

So. Here’s the deal.

Ever heard of cloud computing? Probably not, vaguely yes - you’re a housing expert, not a “tech nerd”, right?

But you do know what a computer is. At the very least. And how each computer has a limited amount of space for the storage of data and programs. Well, SaaS wields the techno-sorcery of cloud computing so that businesses or investors can offload vast amounts of information, and compartmentalize it in a streamlined, easy-to-access platform.

So that ever-growing list of properties, tenants, rents, repairs, etc.? Yeah. Now all of those won’t be so daunting anymore.

A few ways Real Estate SaaS can benefit you…

Simplify Property Management

All of those monotonous day-to-day tasks and operations can be viewed on the right SaaS Real Estate platform. Of course, what constitutes as “right” is left to your judgment. In future posts, we’ll dive deep into some of the more popular options on the market.

Tracking Leases

Renewals, lease agreements, terminations, and rent increases - are all easily manageable on the cloud interface. Not only does this kind of hyper-efficient tracking minimize errors… it also ensures that your lease agreements aren’t overstepping the boundaries of any local regulations and laws. Maximizing return and shrinking risk.

Where Art Thou, Assets?

If you’re juggling hundreds of those … yeah, it’s going to feel like an impossibility not to drop anything urgent… and costly.. A SaaS asset management platform consolidates all of the asset information - maintenance requests, work orders, etc. Not only that, snap your fingers, and a few seconds later… BAM! Budget and forecast report generation.

Data is king in every market, so why not empower yourself with the push of a button?

And the list goes on

API integration, data ownership, data safety - yeah, we can go on for a while.

Today, we scratch the surface.

Stay tuned for future deep dives with graphs, charts, and all the eye-glazing data analytics you can handle.

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